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Rider owned and operated


Founded in 2013, by Marvin Besselink, Bikelab Inc. emerged from his desire to innovate within Taiwan’s vibrant cycling industry.

Joined by his wife Ameang, they introduced the iconic Taiwan bear into our branding as Ameang is an aboriginal Taiwan native and has the tribal spirit of the Bunun and Taroko
tribe where the Taiwan bear is a verry important symbol of strength and belief.

Based in Taichung, the epicenter of global bicycle production, we specialize in
90% self-developed products, ensuring originality and quality from design to

Our commitment extends beyond our proprietary brands—Dirtlab, Fatlab, Roadlab, and Sandman—to collaborative
efforts with other companies, providing product development, manufacturing, and quality control consultancy.

At Bikelab Inc., we’re dedicated to delivering
exceptional service and unique cycling solutions to our global clientele.


As the company’s CEO, Marvin lives and works in Taiwan all year-round in order to make sure products are designed and manufactured to the correct quality standards. Working and living in Taiwan allows him to be in direct contact with all vendors and control the production process of all components and frames from design to sample production and tooling processes into finished products. 

Marvin started out his career in a bike shop as a sales and purchasing manager. From there he worked for several bike brands in purchasing and product management/development positions and had his own distribution company in Holland, before moving to Taiwan to start his own company.

From an early age, Marvin has always had a fascination for bikes and motorcycles and their technology and started racing BMX, Cyclocross & Road-bikes with Mountain-biking as his main focus. Marvin raced several Grundig world cup seasons as an XC racer and was active in major European and Benelux races before moving into the bike industry permanently.

Fatlab Components & Cycles was founded in 2014 after having created many parts and frames for other brands which still are loyal customers. We saw the need to develop our own brand to improve access to great fat bike and semi-fat bike (plus bike) products for all of our customers: distributors, bicycle shops, and end-consumers alike.

Sandman Bikes was a customer for many years and was purchased from the original Sandman owner from Belgium in 2015 and developed into a selling brand by Bikelab Inc.

Roadlab Cycles was founded in 2015 and is a small and exclusive brand that focusses on small qty exclusive and custom road bike frames.

Dirtlab cycles and components was founded in 2019 in order to make the transition from fat/plus to regular 27.5 or 29 wheels with tires ranging from 2.4-2.6 and introduced the first fully in house designed and developed trail enduro carbon frameset called the Menace in 2021.

In 2021-2022 we developed our first E-Bike the the all carbon E-menace which is equiped with the swiss Maxon Bikedrive Air enginesystem and can create bikes that surpass the current superlight e-bike weights as bikes ranging from trail builds to full on enduro builds can weigh between 14.5 to 18.5 kilograms.

From 2018 to end of February 2024 Marvin worked as a consultant first and later a general manager of Pierer New Mobility Asia Ltd., in this time he was working on projects for the legendary Husqvarna and Gas GAs and Felt brands for pedal bikes and E-bikes.

From March 1st 2024 Marvin is back in Bikelab Inc. full time and has many new products in mind to produce and also a return to his roots by designing new cross country frameplatform for Dirtlab and this at the same time is a return to using Titanium again as that was not possible during the covid and after period.

Dirtlab will see many new Titanium frames coming which are a merge of the existing FATlab gravel and Hardtail frames and Fatlab will be re started as well as the fatbike niche needs more good product as many have abandoned this segment yet we still love it.

Rider Owned and Operated is the real spirit of our brands and we keep innovating!

Ameang is the driving force behind the company in terms of organisation, SOP's and all things QC related and is also the financial manager and handles all logistic matters.

She is a very talented and organised person and her background is as far away from bicycles as one could imagine. She is a well trained and schooled nurse with a background in medical Quality Control which serves us well as the medical rules are way stricter then the ones applied in the bicycle industry.

She is a self made woman that has a strong will to learn everything herself so now she is also a very good mechanic and has learned all the ins and outs of bicycle frame and parts manufacturing.

Doing all this whilst having given birth to our 2 gorgeous children Finn and Zoe is absolutely amazing and she is the shining light in Bikelab Inc.

Which products do we offer:

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Materials used and segments we offer products for:

At Bikelab Inc., we pride ourselves on our bespoke Carbon, Titanium, and Alloy frames, all crafted with proprietary designs and tooling. Our unique approach ensures that each product stands out, never settling for standard models. Catering to all MTB disciplines, we offer a comprehensive range of frames, including semi-fat hard-tails and full-suspension carbon frames, customizable to your preferences. Expect premium components like DVO suspension, Sram drivetrains and Magura brakes, with a lead time of 50-60 days for our meticulously crafted bikes. We value simplicity and quality, ensuring our frames are not just products, but investments and not on discount so these become a store of value.


At Bikelab Inc., we sell our products following all sales channels. Direct to consumer, Dealer direct and in some countries via distributors.

We have a strict policy for that which means that if we have a distributor or dealer or in some cases a private label customer in a country all sales go through that distributor or dealer (e.g. Transalpes Switzerland )

Direct to end consumer sales are available through our online platform www.bikelab-inc.com and you can order there directly or send us an email at sales@bikelab-inc.com

Our frames, wheels and forks are mostly on preorder as we wish to protect your investment and because we are a small company we operate with a small inventory level. This strategy is followed from our belief that we wish you to be sure you cannot get our products cheaper anywhere else so you know your investment is a safe one. Our products also go against the bike industry trend of being changed every year, we change when we have something new, yet that usually takes 3 years ;-)


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