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Rider owned and operated


The company was founded by Marvin Besselink, a Dutch native,  after spending several years working in Taiwan for a small carbon vendor and feeling the urge to do things different. In 2019 his wife Ameang, a Taiwanese native joined the company in order to be sure we can run the new direct to consumer aproach and give the best service possible.

The company is based out of Taichung, the heart of the worldwide bicycle industry, here most companies are based and from here the bike industry is operated worldwide. Bikelab Inc. prides itself in offering 90% self-developed products, meaning you don’t buy off the shelf relabeled products yet original designs, direct from the company that designed them and invested in the whole process to get these products to market. The process of getting a product to market means the research, design, tooling setup for manufacturing, artwork etc. where all done at Bikelab Inc.

Bikelab Inc. is the founder and proud owner of small niche-oriented brands such as:

Dirtlab, Fatlab, Roadlab and Sandman.

Besides these brands Bikelab Inc. also works for other brands, distributors and private label brands and offers services such as product development, manufacturing consultancy and QC consultancy.


As the company’s CEO, Marvin lives and works in Taiwan all year-round in order to make sure products are designed and manufactured to the correct quality standards. Working and living in Taiwan allows him to be in direct contact with all vendors and control the production process of all components and frames from design to sample production and tooling processes into finished products. 

Marvin started out his career in a bike shop as a sales and purchasing manager. From there he worked for several bike brands in purchasing and product management/development positions and had his own distribution company in Holland, before moving to Taiwan to start his own company.

From an early age, Marvin has always had a fascination for bikes and motorcycles and their technology and started racing BMX, Cyclocross & Road-bikes with Mountain-biking as his main focus. Marvin raced several Grundig world cup seasons as an XC racer and was active in major European and Benelux races before moving into the bike industry permanently.

Fatlab Components & Cycles was founded in 2014 after having created many parts and frames for other brands which still are loyal customers. We saw the need to develop our own brand to improve access to great fat bike and semi-fat bike (plus bike) products for all of our customers: distributors, shops, and end-consumers alike.
Sandman Bikes was a cistomer for many years and was purchased from the original Sandman owner from Belgium in 2015 and developed into a selling brand by Bikelab Inc.
Roadlab Cycles was founded in 2015 and is a small and exclusive brand that focusses on small qty exclusive and custom road bike frames.
Dirtlab cycles and components was founded in 2019 in order to make the transition from fat/plus to regular 27.5 or 29 wheels with tires ranging from 2.4-2.6 and is proud to introduce an all new full suspension Enduro bike in 2020.

which products do we make:

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Products offered are:

Frames we offer in Carbon where we try to not use open model frames but develop our own. Titanium and Alloy frames are all developped by Bikelab Inc. and produced using our own toolings so these are unique and different from standard open model products.

We produce hubs in 100-110-135-150 for front hubs and 142-148-157-170-177-190 and 197mm for rear hub axle widths. We have all kinds of end cap conversion kits for regular QR or thru axle available. You can choose to either buy complete wheels or specific components like our modular crankset or our upside down suspension forks that can be used for FAT, plus or Boost and gravel frames. 

We are your one stop shop for all things mtb enduro trail fat plus and gravel. On the semi Fat side (27.5/29 x 2.8-3.25) we offer a full line of hard-tail frames made of Titanium with  BSA or Pinon Gearbox specific BB, a 120 and 150mm travel plus full-suspension frame in Carbon and all of these frames can be ordered as a frame only, frame/fork combo, rolling frame (RFR) or RFR+build kit=complete bike so you can choose whatever you need to build a great bike.

We offer complete bikes in the fat- and plus-bike range with Sram drivetrains and RockShox or DVO forks and rear shocks. Magura brake systems. Gravel and Road are offered as frame fork kits or as a rolling frame kit only. Our products are not always stocked so expect a 50-60 day leadtime on Titanium Frames and on Carbon menace 145 frames and complete bike builds which you can pre order


At Bikelab Inc., we sell our products following all sales channels. Direct to consumer, Dealer direct and in some countries via distributors.

We have a strict policy for that which means that if we have a distributor or dealer or in some cases a private label customer in a country all sales go through that distributor or dealer (e.g. Transalpes Switzerland )

Direct to end consumer sales are available through our online platform www.bikelab-inc.com and you can order there directly or send us an email at sales@bikelab-inc.com

Our frames, wheels and forks are mostly on preorder as we wish to protect your investment and becasue we are a small company we operate with a small inventory level. This strategy is followed from our belief that we wish you to be sure you cannot get our products cheaper anywhere else so you know your investment is a safe one. Our products also go against the bike industry trend of being changed every year, we change when we have something new, yet that usually takes 3 years ;-)