Dirtlab Menace Frame

Dirtlab Menace Frame kits & possible builds explained

"build your dream bike yourself"

We offer the frame only kit with basic parts such as the frame, and a headset only. (without fork or rear shock which should be 185-55 w. 22x8mm HW)This way you can pick and choose the parts you want for your budget and build your Dream Bike.

Menace Travel options explained

Downcountry SL/HD, Trail Sl/HD or Enduro SL/HD "what is it you desire".

  • Select Your Menace: Tailor your Menace bike to your specific desires. With our design, you’re not just buying a bike; you’re investing in a versatile riding companion.
  • Interchangeable Components: Our frames allow for a high degree of interchangeability and flexibility, enabling you to rebuild your bike with different setups such as forks, rear shocks, wheels, and cockpit parts.
  • Multiple Configurations: The Menace offers a 6-in-1 solution, transforming to match your riding environment or mood.
  • Suspension Travel Options: Rear suspension travel is adjustable from 120mm to 145mm, and forks can range from 140mm to 180mm.
  • Shock Preferences: Choose air shocks for a firmer trail ride or coil shocks for a more playful and progressive enduro experience.
  • Trunnion Shock Compatibility: The eMenace accommodates a 185mm eye-to-eye Trunnion shock, with stroke lengths corresponding to the desired travel:
  • Geometry Integrity: Altering the shock stroke maintains the bottom bracket height, preserving the bike’s geometry.
  • Fork Travel and Geometry: Adjusting fork travel will impact the bike’s geometry. The minimum recommended fork length is 29" x 140mm, based on an axle-to-crown (AC) length of 551mm.
  • Fork Length Recommendations: While 160mm forks are optimal, extending up to 180mm is possible, though it will slacken the head angle and seat angle, which is a personal choice.
  • Flip Bridge Recommendations: 120-130 mm Rear travel should be ridden with the standrad flip bridge plates in the wheel specific position (up is 27.5, down is 29"). The 135-145 mm Rear travel options can be ridden with the standard flip bridge as described for the previous options or they can be used to lower the BB height when you are using longer travel front forks from 160 mm and up.

eMenace wheel and tire options explained

Here the big Question is 29" or "mullet" or full 27.5+ ?

The eMenace is designed with maximum