Enduro E-Bike frame only Kit

Our Dirtlab E-Menace E-Bike frame-only kit with all available and in-stock options for frame color decal and you can choose frame only always with Maxon Bikedrive air drive system and e13 crankset and chainring spider or you order the standard kit with a DVO rear shock and or fork (order separately in the store please).

If you have custom requests we are flexible and offer personal assistance via email, or chat and we can call you directly via all available social or video conference ways, guide you through all your questions, and help you build your dream bike easily and fast.

Frames, Engine systems, etc are in Stock and we have more then the site is listing so no worries there. When you order, we need max. 3 weeks for painting, Quality Control, Assembly and then the last quality check and engine system firm- and software preparation to suit your needs for either 25KMH, or 20MPH setups and final packaging and shipping.

looking forward to receiving a message via the checkout or any question by using our in store chat to which we respond fast.

2 products

2 products