E-Menace Frame UD Carbon w. Maxon drivesystem DVO Jade X rear shock

E-Menace Frame UD Carbon w. Maxon drivesystem DVO Jade X rear shock

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The new Dirtlab E- Menace frame with Maxon Bikedrive AIR drive system and E13 crankset and 32T chainring and a 104BCD 4 arm spider is a game-changer in the e-bike segment. We worked closely with our partners AAF and Maxon to get the best result on frame and engine system integration and function for the last year and opened our own frame tooling and did all R&D and test work on both the frame and were deeply involved in adapting the Maxon engine system with Maxon directly, to offer a truly great E-Bike that still feels like a pedal bike and is not a pushbike!

The Maxon engine system is derived from their Mars rover and Mars copter engines used by Nasa on the Mars expeditions and is a small compact power-packed engine with a max power output of 30Nm which is delivered by cadence or power input and has 3 ride modes that can be individually tuned via a Bluetooth App.

The engine system weighs in at 3.5Kg only and the frame is around 2400grs depending on the color option chosen. Complete bike builds can vary between 16-18Kg depending on the build parts chosen and there are 2 travel versions available for rear suspension either 145mm or 130mm which can be combined with 150-160 front forks (145R) or with 140-150 forks (130R). The Framekit which is super versatile to use and to top up with parts from your current bike comes with the following parts so you can really build a bike fast: Frame, Headset, Engine system, Crankset w. spider, and chainring. separately you can also order a fork and rear shocks from DVO in our shop to make it more complete and wheels etc and drivetrain kits.

The E-Menace is a direct derivate from our successful Menace non-e-bike platform. Some small adjustments were made to better suit e-bike riding in terms of kinematics, bb drop, and chainstay length, yet the ride feel is almost the same, which we wanted to achieve.

The engine system delivers max 30Nm and 280w power and is fed via a fixed in-tube battery that weighs 1.2Kg and has 250Wh and is fast rechargeable in 3hrs and we will also offer a 252Wh range extender in the future to be ready for multi-day trips as well.

The engine is tuned to follow MTB-specific cadence at avg. 65RPM which is lower than most of the comparable competition and therefore better suited for real MTB riding.

The Battery is mega efficient and can handle nice rides varying from 2-5 hrs depending on the use of the engine steps 1-3 which resemble Eco-Trail and Boost modes and are handled by a magnetic shifter that works smooth easy and can handle dirt and water. The engine is butter smooth and virtually silent all you hear is a soft purring sound when activated yet a meter away others don't hear a thing. Power output depends on the wattage you put on the pedals and is going up step by step and works flawlessly. 

PRE ORDERING STARTS NOW AND WE CAN START DELIVERING FRAMES WITH ENGINE KITS ETC STARTING DEC 1st 2021. in order to discuss your custom, E-Menace just send us an email to sales@bikelab-inc.com and we can discuss. Please note that our prices are in USD and do not include shipping or conversion to your local currency exchange and upon arrival at your local customs are subject to local customs fees and sales taxes. The Downpayments on orders can also be arranged via email as these do not work in the shop where you pay the full amount. Payments via credit cards in installments etc can be discussed. Shipping costs will be checked upon the date of shipping and may vary per region we can give an estimate before buying via email.

The pricing Direct from Bikelab Inc. is for worldwide orders yet in the USA, Japan, and Singapore we work with a Sales Agent, and buying via them is preferred and also saves 5% in cost over Direct ordering!